By | December 18, 2017

My husband and I were looking to purchase a home in Las Vegas, NV. Since we weren’t from the area, we weren’t sure which real estate agent would be the best to go through. We started searching for homes for sale in the area first, then decided we could choose a real estate agent once we found a home to look at.

I searched on Zillow to find real estate for sale in Las Vegas, NV. I found the home that we previously bought on this website and I really liked how it was setup and how easy it was to use. I found a few homes that I saved so I could show my husband. I wanted to make sure he wanted to look at them too before I set up any appointment to walk through them.

Once my husband said that he wanted to see these homes, I contacted the real estate agent on one of the listings. I told her we would only be able to view these homes on the weekend because we would have to come in from out of town to view them. I explained our situation and told her that we also wanted to find other homes within our price range to look at while we were there too. She got us set up with other real estate to look at. We made arrangements to go in for the weekend so we could look at what was for sale.

Our real estate agent was great and worked with us in every way possible. We ended up finding a home to purchase from the homes that we looked at. I am so glad we chose a great real estate agent to help us find a home in Las Vegas.