By | May 22, 2018

1. Real estate developer Andy Pham says he lost control of a $5 million piece of property thanks to fraudsters who filed fake documents with the Nevada Secretary of State.

A Review-Journal investigation finds that the secretary of state’s web portal leaves more than a million active and inactive business entities vulnerable to fraud.

The office said it does everything within its authority to prevent the filing of fraudulent documents, but it does not have the authority to verify the legitimacy of business records filed with the office.

That means fraudsters can easily take control.

2. The rise and fall of the Roman Empire isn’t just recorded in history books.

Scientists from Desert Research Institute have pioneered a way to pinpoint pivotal moments using ancient lead pollution.

As the ancient Greeks and Romans mined silver, they also generated emissions that were carried by the wind and deposited in the Greenland ice sheet.

Researchers say they can now identify and date those layers with astonishing accuracy.

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